Interested in forming a relationship with a freelancer

I am in the seed stage of an agency - transitioning from pure freelance. I have a need for an experienced Shopify developer on a surge basis as my demand exceeds my supply when it comes to coding themes and integrations.

What does your agency do?

Oh, that’s a great idea. Contact me; I can give you the developer’s contacts.

Hello! I am an experienced freelancer who has worked with Shopify for several years. It seems to me that my knowledge could be helpful to you.
I’m just looking for part-time jobs, as I’m getting a second degree in programming at the same time. Contact me. We could discuss working conditions. I am a reasonably responsible employee who observes all deadlines.
I can adjust to any schedule, as I am relatively free at the moment. I hope that I will receive a letter from you soon. Thank you so much for being so attentive!