"Intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior" issue


I have published an app where i am fetching public images from Flickr and showing them to the app user. Now user can browse through the images and set any of them as a wallpaper.

The images fetched the of Nature, Flowers, Birds, etc.

After 2 - 3 days i got an email form Google that my application has been SUSPENDED :frowning:
Reason: “Intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior”

I have tried various attempts by changing the app name, app icon, description etc but no success. Also, google never tell the reason behind such Intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior violation.

I am finding it difficult to find out the root cause. Can anyone please suggest if they have also faced the similar suspension before and how did they resolved it.

Any help is highly appreciated.


Have you used Flickr in the name of the app? If yes, that will be the reason.

I am also not sure about the licence (or Flickr API allowance) of all those public photos?

Thanks for replying Magnesus.

I think using the name of Flickr is not the reason for the app suspension. I know there are apps which are using Flickr name in their app’s name and are running good “https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rdroid.HD_Walls”.
There is something else.

For the hundredth time: the fact that some apps are still not banned, doesn’t mean they don’t break the policies. The message you have received was several times on this forum reported by people who used company/product/celebrity name in their app name. Flickr is a trademark they could’ve sued you for using it.

I understand and totally agree with you on this part.
Just wanted to share that, initially i have published the app using the name of Flickr in the app which was suspended. I actually thought that using the name of Flick is the issue and then changed the name to lets say “Awesome Wallpapers” and again my app was suspended.

I really couldn’t understand the reason for this time suspension.

You are not allowed to access third person websites. You are either the owner or you have written permission to do so. Refer to Google Developer Agreement.

Also: You never know if other apps DO have permission to do so.

Flickr provides APIs to search the photos. You can send request to their URL with some parameters and will receive response with the image urls which you can use to get the images.

A quick google for “flickr api commercial use” gives this as a top hit.


I think the nub is you need written permission from Flickr for commercial use and any images must be released by the copyright owner under the creative commons license.

We need to remember that just because something is made available, it might not be released for commercial use and our apps are definitely commercial.

Well, I guess the reason behind the suspension of your application is because of the of the Name i.e.Flicker as you are not allowed to access third person site, I am sue this step may be taken by the people behind the flicker they may be in the need for some sort of profit from … now i don’t think there is anyone who can help you out rather then I would say start again from the scratch … came up with something new !!