Integration with iPayy - A Mobile Carrier Billing Platform

iPayy is a carrier billing platform that is available across multiple Indian operators, currently only Idea and Airtel, that gives merchants a way to price their products anywhere between Re 1 and Rs 500. The service will be extended to Vodafone and another operators this month and will cover 80% of the GSM base.

The iPayy system is a unique platform, which not just enables carrier billing service for its partners, but also has deep integration with carrier network’s CRM systems and Billing Systems & IT systems to manage

Automated Waiver management enabling a merchant or aggregator to do charge backs in case of customer or application issues
Financial processes and automated settlements with carriers.
iPayy Uses the state of the art encryption both for communication between merchant servers and iPayy as well as from consumer’s device
iPayy uses OTP to enable 2-factor authentication for customer transactions
As part of our mandate from the Carriers, we are working with multiple merchants and aggregators to onboard them to the carrier billing service to unlock the potential of the Mobile Wallet for their constituent brands and provide a seamless, single click experience for the end users. Incidentally, iPayy is also the carrier billing partner for PayPal in India. We are also live with Facebook, Quickr, The Economist, MyDala, MingleBox and many more big merchants.

For more information, Visit: or write us to [email protected]

So I suppose this would be ok for indian markets. However, how would one distribute an app - since Google Play is out of the question (no third-party billing is quite explicitly stated by Google).

Is the place where one publishes these apps one of these Idea/Airtel/Vodaphone (indian) carrier-specific app stores ?

So when a user buys - it gets deducted from their phone bill ? Since many users can be using prepaid cards - presumably the system is well integrated and will indicate if user doesn’t have the balance to purchase etc. ?

I am an Indian developer and have an app popular in India, I would like to try your SDK. Could you clarify on the the concern’s raised in above post, as they seem quite genuine.

This is a good achievement, but what about the rest of the country. I personally do not work paypal in India.