Integrating the MobileCore SDK and unable to call refreshOffers()

I’m really looking for some help on this platform regarding an issue I’m facing -

I am trying to integrate the MobileCore SDK and i’ve followed all the steps necessary but somehow i get an error when i call the ‘refreshOffers()’ method in my ‘OnResume()’ method.
Here is the implementation -

protected void onResume() {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub


I get the following error – ‘The method refreshOffers() is undefined for the type MobileCore’

These are the following packages i imported -

import com.ironsource.mobilcore.AdUnitEventListener;
import com.ironsource.mobilcore.CallbackResponse;
import com.ironsource.mobilcore.InterstitialVideoActivity;
import com.ironsource.mobilcore.MobileCore;
import com.ironsource.mobilcore.AdUnitEventListener.EVENT_TYPE;
import com.ironsource.mobilcore.CallbackResponse.TYPE;
import com.ironsource.mobilcore.MobileCore.AD_UNITS;
import com.ironsource.mobilcore.MobileCore.AD_UNIT_TRIGGER;
import com.ironsource.mobilcore.MobileCore.EStickeezPosition;
import com.ironsource.mobilcore.MobileCore.LOG_TYPE;
import com.ironsource.mobilcore.MobileCoreReport;
import com.ironsource.mobilcore.UserProperties;
import com.ironsource.mobilcore.UserProperties.AgeRange;
import com.ironsource.mobilcore.UserProperties.Gender;

Can’t seem to understand the problem or maybe I’m missing something or a package maybe…? I’ve been told that this is a pre-defined method.
If it’s not and i’ll have to define it then what would be the code for it -

public static void refreshOffers()

// code to refresh offers


Looking forward to some help from this forum.