Integrated Airpush new SDK and Pay per instal earnings (opt-in) gone almost 0


Friday I installed new Airpush sdk and my earnings based on the AO1 ad type (pay per install opt-in) has gone from 10-12$ to 1$. Is anybody suffering from this too? Airpush is being evil lately. Super low ECPM’s, lota users complaining about virus in my app, etc… This is not the way to go with it. If anyone could share I would be really grateful.


I integrated their SDK with PPD also. I have about 30k active users and on Airpush AO1 = 0$… I removed their SDK. Small money, a lot of users talked about virus etc… I integrated mobvista (link in signature) and I’m happy now;)

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Does mobista has PPD? Does their banners pay like airpush just by downloading (showing) or do they pay by install (CPI) like startapp, etc… ?

Thanks in advance.

My airpush revenue has dropped by 50% this week. Ad-on stats do not even match 5% of what playstore shows. Fill rate has also dropped by 50% since last week.Any one facing similar issue??

Their network is almost dead. After a long time working with them, i finally give up. Searching for new ad network now.

I also gave up with them… I thought that PPD will help me staying with them… But didn’t worked… Mobvista hasn’t PPD, but in fact when I was looking on income - PPD was not even 10% of all income…

Perhaps I shoudl be moving to admob. At list the have ppv with banners. If anyone has other alternatives I’m all ears. Airpush is dead for me.
@Sushil: I have passed from 30$ more or less every day to 2$. Unacceptable!


Revenues dropping everyday and fill rates decreasing every week. God help airpush

Same here, my revenue and impressions are decreasing day by day.

Hey Everyone,

For the pay per install A01 earnings concern, I have brought it to my teams attention and will provide feedback soon.


yes something is wrong with the new SDK. fallback to the previous SDK now.

Got any update? Me too. AO1 appears again after falling back to the previous version.

The problem is already solved?

I don’t know how it’s with add-on, but my stats are lower and lower almost day by day.

Hey guys, our team is aware of the issues and working to resolve them as soon as possible. I will provide an update here when it has been resolved.



Nick, this situation is still NOT intercepted by AdListener, and I cannot detect this error from the code:

05-30 11:44:33.910: D/PrmSDK(1817): SocketTimeoutException Thrown: Read timed out
05-30 11:44:33.910: I/PrmSDK(1817): SmartWall JSON: null

the same with this one:

05-30 11:49:35.802: D/PrmSDK(1973): IOException Thrown: org.apache.http.conn.ConnectTimeoutException: Connect to / timed out
05-30 11:49:35.802: I/PrmSDK(1973): SmartWall JSON: null

That should be easy to fix!!!