Instead of ADs lets place donation buttons in apps to help user enjoy apps better

Hi developers I want to tell you I know you have to make money with apps. The problem for us users is that ADs are annoying and makes us mad because you developers are making money instead of doing it for the freaking love of it. I play games not because I get paid for them but because I love them. How about I charge you for playing your games.
Instead how would you like to put a donation button in your games and let me decide what worth are your games. One time I donated $100 to a developer because he didnt have ADs. I have no problem coming out of my pocket but first let me enjoy the game AD free and that would lean me towards donating if I feel like you put forth a lot of effort. So how about it let the gamer decide instead of lining your fat pockets annoying us.

Are you serial ?

Nice trolling, you almost got me.

$100 is not even enough to fill up my ferrari, cause i am so rich! (not)

Haha how about you go play with yourself, their is no ads playing with your self. We have families to support, mouths to feed, plus I like buying new stuff for my hard work. Go tell the guy at mcDonalds or Walmart to give u free burger or free laptop then only pay if u like it. Hot girls with huge boobs love to make porn but guess what they charge too, stop being an cheap ass mother effer and deal with it. Ads are everywhere, don’t like it then hide under a rock.

Agreed with you.
Living on donations will throw developers in shithole. I had placed an option of donation of $3 in my game once. it ends up total $6 in one month.
I even cannot purchase a shitty panty to my girl friend from that money.

Ads revenue is the fair reward for burning midnight oil. So stop criticizing ads and click more and more like morons on them as maximum as you can. :beer:

Looks like the idiot doesn’t have a response he probably thought someone would agree with his cheap a$$. Claims he would pay $100 for a game but yest won’t spend .99 cents for a paid game or app. He must have thought developers are stupid and would fall for the bullsh!t. Well he has sh!t for brains ,so I guess thats why he can’t think straight.