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Install / uninstall counts?

I am currently looking at my numbers here and maybe you can add some of yours:
My recombustor game has right now

  • 776 installs
  • 435 device installs

So about 44% seem to have uninstalled my app - if I interpret these numbers correctly. Is that a normal count? How are the ratios of your apps?

I think games do worse than other apps at staying installed.

Your numbers are pretty good. You should expect the ratio to get wider (fewer installs to downloads) as time progresses.

My numbers for my games are embarrassing in comparison, running around 20% remaining installed. My lower numbers are either the difference between a good game and a bad game or between a new game and an older game that has run it’s course for a user. I’ll keep my sanity by assuming the latter.


All of my apps are sitting between 10% and 30% active installs (an average of about 20%). Usually when I first release an app it will have a fairly high active install count (~40% for the first few days or weeks) but over time it drops off naturally.

I would suggest that an active install count of 44% is very good, and shows that people like your app. Releasing updates regularly will help keep the active ratio high. But don’t be worried if it drops off a bit - most apps have an active install ratio below 50% from my experience.

Ok, that sounds good so far. I recently added analytics to get some more data and it seems that a lot of users are getting knocked out at level 1. But I need to figure out more details on how trace user actions accordingly. Right now I only have access counts of game pages (menu, options, level, etc).