Insites - Social Web Feeder

Hey all,

We just launched our next generation webbing app:

Your Visual & Social Web Feeder.
Browse socially through various interesting Websites Teasers. View, Capture, Create & Share any frame from the web.
By using Insites, you can crop any frame from any website using an intuitive cropping tool, design it with an in-app image editor, mark it as “Public” or “Private”, tag the image to related topics (called “Domains”, i.e. #hashtags) and add a personal comment/thought.
Unlike Pinterest, with Insites you get to decide what frame you want to share.
You can save any Insite to your Evernote account, share on Facebook or in any other social network.
You can create a new Insite via browsers and other app (using “Share”).
Insites let you browse the web visually, and get a little taste, a “teaser” if you like, of any website.
You can use it as your visual web feeder.