Insane revenue/CTR drop AdMob

Hello! The last three days my CTR dropped from ~1% to 0.2%. Im using a refresh rate of 60 seconds and gets about 10k impressions a day. Before i had a cpm of about 1 dollar and now like 0.2 im so mad right now. Anyone else experiencigngkgif the same?
Thank you!

Edit: Im viewing mostly interstitial ads and some banner ads.
Ive been looking a bit at Leadbolt for interstitial ads, anyone that’s got a suggestion about any good ad networks if adMob will let me down haha?

Maybe it has something to do with the new “double click” requirement ?

Yeah, when did they introduce that to AdMob? Haven’t it been around for a while?

At the beginning of December I think. Maybe they wanted to do it when the CTR was high anyway because of Chrismas promotions, so the hit wasn’t that visible. :wink: In your case it is strange, I would check my apps, maybe sth is wrong?

Ok thanks. Ive been checking my apps out but im not seeing anything unusual (atleast with my ads running in test mode). I’ll just have to be laidback and watch what happens for a couple of days i guess.

Same here, CTR dropped by 50% around the date of double click announcement.

Admob is just ridiculous. Over past week one of our app rose by 300%, while eCPM dropped by 40% and goes down, CTR ramains the same.

I have similar 300% impressions raise (since November) and 50% drop in eCPM. I haven’t noticed it was such big difference in eCPM before because it was a slow rise and a slow drop at the same time, so revenue stayed almost the same. The eCPM will raise again though, it always oscillates and it’s January, just after large raise for the Christmas.

I think main problem right now is that Android ecosystem growth much intensive than the acquisition of new advertisers.

Do you think that the ratio will be repaired soon?

Same here. Impressions goes up. CTR stays the same and cpc drops = lower eCPM.
What eCPM and cpc numbers do you currently have?

Edit; yesterday and today my ctr dropped even more.

ECPM 0.23 at CTR 0.75% with 60 second refresh. Probably the lowest values I ever had.

same here man…my epcm dropped from 1.4 to 0.4 Not sure what is the reason…number of impressions are about 30,000 per day

Today my eCPM is 0.03 haha wtf!

Over the last few days, I have seen the same thing for 320x50 banner adverts and 300x250 medium rectangles.

Admob: eCPM - $0.11, CTR = shitty always, due to bad text adverts
Millennial: eCPM - 0.12 CTR = 0.64%
Leadbolt: eCPM - $0.02 CTR = 1.1%
Jumptap: eCPM - $0.10 CTR = 0.5%
InnerActive: eCPM - $0.08 CTR = 0.3%

This is for impressions in the MILLIONS per day… it is not 1-2 data points.

At the moment, my cloud hosting costs are higher than the income from adverts. Either things fix themselves fast, or I will be out looking for a job in a month or so and be forced to kill off WordHero.

If anyone knows an ad network that does banners that can be integrated through Mopub and does better than $0.02 CPC, please let me know.

Man that sucks :confused: Of the networks you’ve tried which one do you prefer?

Thanks for the data, and it’s sad to hear about your problems. Have you consider in-app billing for some extended features?

PS. And maybe AppBrain AppWall? You have many users, it should give you some revenue boost (probably 10-25% for the first month, later users won’t click on it that much).

I like whichever one pays the most. I don’t care if they are net90 or net15…

if it will amke you feel any better ( and it won’t but still) - my inneractive has been stuck at 0.01 for the last week or so:(

$0,18 eCPM with 60 refresh rate. Only 0.66% CTR because the ads are very poor right now.
edit: for comparison my housead has 2.2% CTR right now - I’m running house ads because it doesn’t cost me much right now…