Inner-active ?

Does anyone have any experience with this company ? Feel free to PM me if you would prefer.

I tried to integrate it but gave up after couple of ads - seemed quite dodgy. Decided not to risk in the light of the new Google policy. I may try it for one of the secondary app stores to see how it performs.

I tried them last spring. I used their interstitials at program startup. Ecpm was about 0.9 with 5% ctr.
Fillrate was good above 90% and the cpc was around 1 -2 cents. They had very good customer service.

I started using them last year. Customer service is very good, and I was getting good results with them for a while. December last year I was getting 80% fill rate, 5% CTR and $1.40 eCPM. Recently this has dropped to about 70% fill rate, 4.2% CTR and $0.40 eCPM. I suspect things will pick up towards the end of the year again - perhaps by November as Christmas holiday campaigns get running.

I tried inneractive earlier this year and ecpm was $1 ish with solid fill rates.
I removed them because you can get much higher interstitial ecpm’s from other networks.

Hi Gents,
My name is Alon and I am a Business Analyst at inneractive.

inneractive is not another ad network but rather an exchange and as such it offers developers the best of all worlds. inneractive has partnered with over 120 ad networks and agencies to supply developers with the best global coverage and best performance offered at any given moment.

@Max, if you are not happy with the quality of ads that you are getting, you can always choose to opt-out from the network sending you those ads and prioritize others instead.

You can find most of our partners in this Mobile monetization landscape

inneractive is currently offering some attractive fixed rate promotion to new publishers.

PM me and we will discuss it in more depth.

along [at] inner-active [dot] com

Interesting. I didn’t notice the opt-out list before (but I didn’t finally pushed it live because I was worried about the ads I saw when testing the integration). May give it another try mediated with other networks.

Hi Max,
There are more control features to come where you can command your ads. I suggest you do give us another try. Through inneractive you will get all the networks anyway :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate more on this promotion you mentioned? I thought fixed rate promotion was available only to publishers with very high number of impressions like our local hero (I mean word-hero :slight_smile: ) mind.

WordHero is a global hero(!) and we are glad to have them on board :slight_smile:
inneractive offers flexible conditions to new publishers, big or small.
Feel free to email me and I will make sure our sales team treat you right.

As an FYI, these guys are super to work with. We recently identified an issue with their SDK, and a particular advert with an OLD & buggy version of Android (WordHero supports all the way back to Android 1.6!!!). To be clear, it was not their SDK that was the problem but a combination of the advert and the Android version… it just happened to take down their SDK and WordHero.

They worked pretty much night&day across multiple timezones to identify exactly what was happening, reproduce it, and then figure out which adverts were triggering the problem. They then removed those adverts from being seen on those devices.

I was impressed.

Do they have a full screen interstitial that can be shown at startup or in-game.

I am looking for a backfill solution in case greystripe is not filling the ad outside u.s./europe.

That is something that shows full screen interstitial (could be impression-based, or click-through based or video ads).

of course!
inneractive offers interstitials, rich media ads and regular banners.
You can learn more about our ad units here.


I like the way the greystripe implements their full screen interstitial - as it seems very user-friendly.

In the greystripe interstitial - a full screen ad is shown - but it is NOT touch-sensitive - and touch only brings up a “skip” and “goto to ad” type of option.
This greatly reduces the risk of inadvertent clicks on the ad.

Thus freeing the developer from having to build in such features for the frame around the ad.

While a variety of ad sizes is interesting, it also makes it hard for a developer to judge which one has the better fill rate.

A smaller variety of ad sizes may actually be good.

What fill rate do the inner-active full screen interstitial ads achieve ? Do they have a “skip” option - or does that have to be implemented by the developer ?

Some other webpages have spoken positively about inner-active.

If the full screen interstitials pay per impression - does this mean the developer is always payed even if the user clicks on “skip” ?

What are they paid if the user actually clicks on the ad ?

In the case of video ads or rich media (javascript ?) - what fill rates for these ?

For video ads - how is developer paid if:

  • user skips ad in the middle
  • user sees the full video to completion

Do you have a webpage which details implementation details ?

Hi adforandroidapps,

The beauty about an exchange like inneractive is that you do not have to worry much about fill rate. Our fill rates are the highest in the industry and reach about 99% in the USA for example. In case we cannot find a network to supply a full screen ad, we find the next alternative automatically. This is completely seamless for the developer.

We do not currently offer a skip button. We will consider this feedback. However, our Android SDK offers the ability to customize the close (x) button. You can see it here.

Since we have 120 ad providers monetizing traffic generated by our publishers, there is a mix of campaigns and campaign formats. Some interstitials may pay per click and some per impression (even if the user presses skip).

Rich media ads will automatically appear when ad networks serve them. You do not have to make a special request for that. You can enjoy both worlds… Video is coming soon.

Check out our Android SDK guidelines


I checked out the “Cut the rope experiments” app which uses inner-active - and it shows an interstitial full screen ad between levels (sometimes, sometimes not).

However, it seems to fetch the ad AT the time the ad is being shown (thus wasting valuable user eyeball time). I find this surprising (that the developer chose to do it this way).

Is there a way in your SDK to download the ad ahead of time - so that the developer can ensure that an ad is displayed ONLY if it is already fully fetched.

For video ads - will they be shown after being fully downloaded - or is there a presumption that after some buffering the ad should be shown.

Since an ad is say 30 seconds - it does not actually make sense to inject ANY wait at the time of display of ad. But to always pre-fetch the complete ad - include a 30 second video ad - so that at the time of display the ad works immediately and smoothly.


Thanks for the feedback.
Yes, there are a few ways to do it. It really depends on your app’s flow and whether we are talking about a banner on an interstitial.

I m sorry, i didnt understand well.

Are you paying pay-per-click or pay-per-install ?

Are the inneractive interstitials paying per-impression ?

For video ads - I would assume that would be per-impression (with little additional for click ?).