InMobi not compliance

I am using inmobi with admob mediation (only banners).

Today I noticed that they are sometimes redirecting to playstore without a click. Especially if you just leave app open (and it refreshes after 45-60seconds), you will see that one of them will redirect you to play store.

Remove as soon as possible

It is really becoming annoying. Google tries to direct all developers to admob and many networks are helping them in it.

Just saw it, admob interstitial. No exit button (5 is just a number, nothing happens if you click on it). But still closes when you click left top (normal exit button coordinate in admob interstitial), but no visual button.


Its this kinda shit that Google is going to start banning developers for. Things outside of our actual control that some networks don’t care about enough/take proper measure to prevent.

What’s worse is, like you have shown @Javanshir, that Admob is prone to the same exploits and mistakes.
I’ll bet when it comes down to it Google will only punish those ads from other networks and just allow these breaches on Admob…

I’m testing InMobi atm.

I havent experienced that it opens the store by itself, but I’m seeing some other strange behavior which is not caused by my app but rather by the inmobi sdk itself.

Sometimes the interstitial opens and cannot be clicked, when you close it it popsup another time and can’t be clicked either.

Also, is it normal that the interstitial can be closed by pressing the back button?

Furthermore, why the hell does the interstitial not always fit my screen? I’m using the test mode, is this the reason?

Maybe they are using it, only if you use mediation? So that, you think it is from admob. I checked, like 10 times before writing here, and checked in log cat to be sure, that it is from inmobi.
It is also possible, that they run it only couple hours, so that developers don’t notice it.
no, there should be a “close button” also


Sohan from InMobi here. Just saw this thread.

We’ve seen the non-clickable interstitials before. These ususally occur when the IMBrowserActivity is not made part of the android manifest file.
In some cases, its observed that the plug-in at times overrides the manifest file, and thus removes the IMBrowserActivity from the manifest.

There’s a similar question on StackOverflow which was answered here: c# - Inmobi Interstitial didn’t close - Stack Overflow

Let me know if you need any help :slight_smile:

This is not the case, I got the activitiy in my manifest.

android:hardwareAccelerated=“true” />

The only interstitial that is clickable for me is the 320x480. I tested this on 2 different devices (tablet and phone). But it’s not always clickable.

I find it also strange, that everytime I load a new interstitial I get a new size. Is this on purpose because I use the test mode?

I want to fix this today, or else I will have to check out for another sdk

And what about redirecting to playstore without user’s action?

probably you will say, that you don’t have it

@Javanshir and @re4lity : I can’t really tell why the error is happening without some logs. Can you mail the SDK debug logs to developer at The logs should contain the information about the request/response for the creative, for which this issue is noticed.

Also please generate an .apk file & send that as well. We will look into whats happening and make some corrections if necessary. To be honest, we haven’t come across the redirecting bug ever.

Please do send these across so that we can help you out :slight_smile: