inmobi approval duration?

i wanted to add inmobi via admob Mediation so i created an inmobi account and registered my 2 apps but it’s been 3 days and it’s still no approval

how long does it take to get the approval?

Sorry for bumping your old thread but was your apps already approved? I also submitted my apps but its been 2 weeks now and still awaiting for approval.

+1. Their support is awful. Sometimes they ask me to add some meta tags in my app description on play store and other times, they say pls. use the email ID used in play store (which I am already doing).

Good that this thread has been bumped. Is InMobi listening?

I registered for them yesterday and am still waiting for the approval. But by reading this topic it seems it will take a while before they approve it :confused:

@rottz, I just got approved. Send them daily mails and they would approve you from backend. All the best

@javaexp thanks for the info!! To what email did you send your requests? I sent only one, to welcome@. No reply yet.

I submitted a support ticket using on site form and got a reply from [email protected] (probably I selected something about app configuration on their form). After that I was just communicating to [email protected]

@javaexp got it approved, thanks! They replied and told me I needed to fill the payment info before they would activate.