InMobi App Publish - Submit to Multiple App Stores Simultaneously

I recently received this email from InMobi about their new service, App Publish:

New Developer Solution - Introducing InMobi App Publish

We are proud to announce the launch of our new developer solution, InMobi App Publish.

InMobi App Publish helps drive downloads for your Android app across hundreds of app stores globally. With App Publish, you can instantly submit your app to 130+ unique appstores in just a few clicks. As a result, your downloads will inevitably grow worldwide. You can also track your app’s downloads and revenue across each channel. It’s absolutely free to use, and takes less than five minutes to get started.

This launch marks yet another important milestone in InMobi’s journey towards becoming an app developer’s one-stop shop for distribution, user acquisition, monetization, and engagement. Our early beta testers have seen increases in downloads of up to 30% as a result of these alternative app store channels. Click here to register and get started.

For an inside look into this product and receive additional background from our Product Manager, register for our webinar on April 4th. Check out some great coverage we’ve received following the launch.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to reply to this email.

InMobi Developer Team

I’ve just signed up, and it looks like a very promising service. There are over 100 app stores supported, including many carrier- and region-specific options. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to support any of the big names (Amazon, Getjar, Samsung…). Hopefully these will be coming in the future. But for now it’s more of a way to diversify distribution, and maybe get some new customers on phones that don’t have Google Play installed.

The interface seems very well designed to cater for the metadata required by the different stores. Has anyone else tried this service yet? Is it something that would be useful for you?

Hello David, I have submitted two apps so far and it only does 14 stores, and they are small stores with the exception of Opera and mobango. I think to be honest it is best to do your homework and spend energy on the stores that have traffic then post to those as apposed to the shotgun approach. Bottomline if it’s too good to be true it probably is. Again 14 stores out of their claimed 130… and my app is 100% free … Solid concept but I think the smarter approach is what I mentioned. BTW, I met the founder of App Publisher at GDC -2013 SF, I must say very nice guy, asked me to connect on Skype and haven’t heard back from him… So I’m hoping he connects so I can ask him more questions and relay them back to the forum…


Hi CGAK and thanks for posting David the detail on App Publish.

App Publish came from the Metaflow acquisition in Aug 2012 of which I was one of the Co-founders. Using the same technology which has been licensed to EA, Glu, PopCap,Namco and many others other the years to publish Apps (Games mainly then) to independent stores (operators, OEMs, Indie’s), InMobi has made this available to developers, for FREE, via self service, giving developers access to free downloads.

The stores offered are dynamic based on what the stores themselves will take, so depending on your monetisation method (paid, adfunded, IAP), language support and device support, different stores are offered. Where an app-store isnt available, we give details of the reasons in the Unavailable tab, so feel free to fix these issues, and see more app-stores become available. Check out some independent reviews like InMobi App Publish First Look and try App Publish out, its Free to use, gives you reach you didn’t have yesterday and makes a complex job simple. Whether you cover all stores in the shotgun method or choose a few or one, its quick and with more stores added each month and features, App Publish is only going to get better! Nice to have met you CGAK too, hope it works out well for you and for developers everywhere.

@Charles, you are a true professional and class act! I see that you have continued to add more marketplaces. Awesome, I will continue telling all my contacts about inmobi App-Publisher… Keep it up!

I submit 3 of my application(2 free and 1 paid) about one month ago and in most markets it still in “Pending Submissions” state. Why it is takes so long time to approve?

Hi kid games and for other readers out there,

In some markets App Stores have QA, staging and launching programmes, eg Apps may take anywhere from instantly to 3 weeks to go live on varied App Stores systems. These are processes run by the App Stores themselves and not AppPublish, so even if you could contract and deliver to those stores manually, any developer from the biggest to the smallest, is subject to reviews and staging / ingesting content.
Some stores also operate stringent testing to strict criteria so please check into your account regularly to view status’ and if any developers out these have questions which are not covered in the FAQs then please feel free to email [email protected] when enquiring about your completely FREE downloads :slight_smile:

Very strange service

  1. Tried sending them emails 4 times (last 2 weeks) ([email protected])- no answer!!!
    the worst support I have ever seen

  2. have submitted an app a week ago to 77 stores
    another 91 Unavailable Stores show the following reason: “You must increase your developer ranking to access this channel. See FAQ”
    I can’t find any related answer in their FAQ.

3 0 stores in the dashboard after 1 week -
“There are no reports available at this time. If you have recently completed a submission, it may still be processing, so please reload this page in a few moments and your reports should be ready.”

a few moments and your reports should be ready - real fun!!

Nothing to do - going to manual submission

Hey guys,

I work at a company called Apptopia. We’re looking to better our services for our users by adding ad network analytics into our analytics services and dashboard. In order to do that we need access to InMobi accounts.

If you can help us and you want to try our services we’d be happy to give you a complimentary listing, or we can give you an Amazon gift card in exchange.

Email me ASAP at fernanda at apptopia dot com

I tried to submit a free game with in-app ads. The game had no external links and no about info (like my my own site).

Even though I wasn’t able to send it is to more than 14 app stores.

For the remaining unavailable stores it was also show the following reason: “You must increase your developer ranking to access this channel. See FAQ”
I could not find any related answer in their FAQ too so I gave up using it.

Same here :frowning: