Informations about MobileCore


I’m new in using the Ads Network .
I read so many articles about the best ads Network and i find that one of the best is the MobileCore.
I decided to try it but i don’t understand many things that’s why i have some questions about it.

1- In the official documentation it says that Mobilecore uses CPI that means that when the user install the application that contains the Mobilecore ads i can earn money, Am i correct?
2- The application that contains the MobileCore ads should be online what i mean is that i should publish the application for exemple in google play and users should download it and open it , in that case i get money?
3- When a user download and install the application , how much does it costs per install
4- In the dashboard , what does mean eCMP, impressions and revenue
5- In my dashboard i have 48 impressions , 12 Clicks , eCPM 0 and revenue 0 and the application is not online. why i don’t get money from the application?
6- Is there a difference of revenue from each country in the world.

I m sorry that i asked so many questions and i m sorry for my bad english.

thanks in advance for your answers

i was wonder why you think the Mobike Core is the best.

BTW, where do you launch your app?

if your app is on third market, i can answer your question about SinceStar

  1. sincestar uses PPD, pay per download, the download mean your application with sincestar ads

  2. sincestar counts the installation of your app , the user should open the app firstly, later it doesnot matter

  3. sincestar pay the install from 0.04$ to 0.06$

  4. we have 3 levels about the country, high revenue country (60$ for 1000 download); normal revenue country (50$ for 1000 download); low revenue country (40$ for 1000 download)

Hello Friend how are you?

You are wrong about Mobilecore. The model you discribed is the model called PPD (Pay per download). In this model you earn every time your application is installed (One good example of network using this model is Airpush, with the bundle SDK2). However i’m not sure if Airpush’s bundle SDK 2 is full compilant with Google policies, so I recommend a small research before try it.

Mobilecore uses the CPI model (coast per instalation) what means that you are payed every time your user install an aplication that are showing in mobilecore ads, inside your app. So, the user has to see the ad, click it, and finally install it. When he does this sequence you get paid. Another good example of CPI model network is Appnext. In other side, there are CPM and CPC models too. Admob and Avocarrot are examples of this type of network. CPM means coast for mille (replace mille for thousand). In this networks you are paid for views and clicks, doesnt matter if the user installs or not the application of the ad. And there are other models, just make a research and you will see.

Hope this helps.