Information Pages SEO addon

This addon allows easy creation and management of pages from admin as well as a way to manage text on any page in the store. It is based on the Information Pages Unlimited addon that has been around for years. Although much of the code is different in this version, I wanted to keep compatibility with the original version, so the name similar.

Note: there are three sets of files in this package, for different versions of oscommerce. The BS version is the only one that has all the new features. The other two versions are improvements over the original code, but far from what is in the BS version. Thus, all instructions or descriptions may apply to other versions, but are primarily intended for the BS version.

This version fixes many coding errors in the other version and adds many new features making it easier to use and more powerful. Some of the features are:

  • Has a box ID setting that allows you to control where the link to the page appears. So, for example, if there are four footer modules installed, each could have specific links.

  • A link may have sub-links (currently only available in the included module). So there could be a main link for widgets and sublinks for different types of widgets. This has two advantages: first, it takes up less space when there are a lot of links, and secondly, search engines will still be able to access pages.- There is a quick view button to allow the page to be displayed in a browser to check for changes.

  • There are quick fill options that allow you to add categories and products to a page with just a short statement. For example, if your site sells auto parts and you create a new page about tires, you just need to type PNAME (tires)PNAME and links for all products in your store with tires in the name will be added to the page. See the Notes section on the editor page for additional methods.

  • Allows setting the browser title and meta tags when editing the page in admin (only if SEO header tags are installed).

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