Info about AdToApp

Is anybody wotking with them ?
Can u give some info if u do so …

I use. What questions?

Can you give us screenshot of your dashboard? I’m also interested in using them. Of course blur out things that you don’t want people to see.

Screenshot would be useful.
Did u get any payment from them ?

I started using them 1 week ago with my new apps. Let wait and I will post some stats about adtoapp performance. It is easy to integrate!

I started using adtoapp in January and February 10 received the first payment (WIRE, min. 500$)

Screenshots for BANNER and INTERSTITIAL

Update for banners: at first I show all banners only from Adtoapp, but income was less than Admob (for Adtoapp: CTR 0.3% eCPM 0.05$, for Admob: CTR 0.6% eCPM 0.16$) now I use Admob + Adtoapp as a reserve (show Adtoapp in Admob - AdListener - onAdFailedToLoad) and I get a raise extra revenue out of nowhere

Did you integrate the full package of bundled SDKs? or just the AdToAppSDK jar?
I was interested in trying them but only if they can be used as standalone.

You can add only the necessary SDK. I use: AdToAppSDK, applovin, myTarget (for Russia), SOMA, StartApp. With Proguard, i have increasing size of program is less than 1 MB (previously I removed chartboost, inmobi as they have shown very little income)


Actually I would like to use only AdToAppSDK and myTarget. If it’s doable seems to be a step forward compared to other services that force us to use many 3rd party SDKs at once (while generating even more problems if I already use one of those SDK myself)
Will give it a try for sure, thanks

Thanks Albert for info. Still haven’t decided if it’s worth to implement because of the amount of sdks they have.