Indonesia/SE Asia Ad Network

Hey guys,

Anyone have an experience with ad networks targeted at Indonesia or Southeast asia. Our App is ranking in Indonesia and Admob has a very bad fillrate there.

A quick search mention inMobi and BuzzCity. Anyone have experience with these two or have suggestions for another ad network?



I would try airpush. My app is also targeted in Asia, China specifically. I am pleased with the fillrate with airpush - 95% fill rate, pretty consistent along with pretty steady CPM too. So far have no complaints about them except just wish they’d release their new SDK TODAY!.

Sorry for unearthing an old thread, I would be interested in knowing if some people are happy with a particular ad network targeting Indonesia?

yaa me too

Here I would like to give some insight on the performance of a couple of ad networks which I have intergrated with my apps targeting for SE Asia:

1.Banner Ad: ADMOB | eCPM:$0.33- $0.6

2.Interstitial : - ADMOB |eCPM:$1-$2.3
- TapContext |CPM : $4.5 -$5.95
- MobileCore |CPM :$4.23

These are the countries which are having high quality traffic & high paying ads: (Descending Order)

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam

Thanks. Very helpful

I agree, very useful, thanks. I guess from your post that you have only kept admob for banners and the others were less efficient?