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Because there are so many Indian developers here, let us discuss our development, ad network, income tax issues here.

Bhai log, airpush banners try kiye kisi ne. ecpm kaisa hai?

Guys can we keep this thread in english.I dont know hindi only tamil :smiley:

Tamil terima, hindi la once seconda. :smiley:

I have an idea, why don’t we have it in real Indian way. Mix everything and if one doesn’t understand, one can always asks for a translation in English.

To answer @awesomeapps, haan try kiya, thik thaak hain. Kuch khaas nahin. User kay desh kay upar depend karta hain, kitna ecpm hoga.

Yes tamil teriyum.Also kuch kuch hindi malum.Rastrabasha fail;) .But many guys here will know only hindi .Anyone tried houseads ?.Any advice on what is efficient.I coded two types dialog and full screen ads like dexati. I ask in english because i am afraid i am the only tamil here.:smiley:

haha, see India is so diverse. @tyrion, screenshot of what u designed?

Was never a good student of rashtra bhasha, hardly ever scored more than 40% in Hindi exams. I have tried houseads using Minimob and my own PHP/JSON/JAVA implementation.
Dialogs have way better effect than full screen ads.

I think we have more than one Dosa eating, Sambar drinking, TASMAC visiting, lungi swirling, Thalaiva worshipping Tamil here :smiley:

Design is not completed.Though planing to design full screen ads to look exactly like that guy dexati.

anybody using VSERV Network… I am getting a very very low ecpm
pls koi aur network suggest kijiye

Vserv also didn’t work for me.and they deducted TDS of RS2 before sending me Rs10. Haha.

U guys managing tax stuff on your own or some consultant?

This is not a platform to talk about favourite languages.

We all know that if we can make android apps,then we know english.

I know hindi/punjabi/english.

Hindi:- aao sab log baat karein apps ki.
Punjabi:- chalo saare bande android diyaan appan baare gall kariye.
English:- no comments

I will suggest you all to talk in english and mix indian issues while making apps.

Inqlaab jindaabaad, bharat mata ki jai, jai jawan jai kishaan,vande matram

Lets follow english and get benifit from others experiences. After all we all are indians.

So a mallu here:)
So how much income I should earn to be taxed
I may reach. Rs 2lakh by the end of march so should I be paying tax this time

Am already paying tax for other source of income

hi i am pramoth from vellore,Tamil Nadu

Hi Everyone,

I am Vinay and good to see an Indian thread. Regarding Tax, below is what Inmobi is doing for me.

Inmobi has deducted TDS at 2% as per TDS Rules(Sec 194C-TDS on contract) , if one single payment exceeds INR30,000 or all payments put together in a year exceed INR75,000, TDS at 2% will be applicable for subsequent months.


I gets wire transfer from Google play. So on march I should pay 2% as tax right ?

Yeah what to do of tax?
I am making 2 lakhs a month

Paid any yax untill now?

started this july,reached 2 lakh a month gradually so no i haven’t paid any tax and won’t be paying any tax since i am investing much of the money so i won’t show it as a profit.

What can we show as investments? Is there any limit?

And are there any online companies which provide bills on commission basis?

hi - akshay from pune here
for ur tax/accounts queries i can point in the right direction ( i was a CA final student )

i work with mobilecore and appnext and my main traffic is also indian.
what network gives u best ecpm for india ?