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Hey guys,

How many indian developers are here and how do you make apps.Is it your profession or doing for extra income.I am doing apps since January 2013 for my primary income.I am always passionate about mobile games .Currently i am working on android apps and learning Unity game engine and Construct 2 for my future game development.What u guys thoughts .Is indie developers can survive in India fulltime ?

Good to know that you are from India :slight_smile: I am also from India. I started recently. I have a full time job. How many apps you have. I just have one. Actually struggeling to get downloads to be frank. Some how managed to get top 20 position in India :slight_smile: way to go for me :slight_smile:

Hi I am also from india I have full time job.Daily i do 3-4 hour develop app.I am started app development in 2013 Curruntly i have 10 app .

I think there is nothing to do with any country as long as good quality apps/games are being made.

Sirvival is based on the work,not on any country. We all know that ad network gives money based on clicks and not on developers location.

Yes,clicks location matter. so if app/game is good,you can get clicks out of india as well.

are’t you agree with me?
i am also from india and making $185 per day average from 4 apps.

instead of this discussion, i think “tax handling in india” will be a topic which is specific to indian users and will help developers whoes app revenue is taxable.

i am going to open this thread.
feel free to join plz.

$185 per day in India is too good man. Best wishes to you :thumbup:

Good to here from indian developers.I have 5 Apps and they are utility apps like photo editors and content sharing apps.I make 120-140$ daily.I spent 7 hours on android apps and 7-8 hours learning Unity and Construct 2.

Your revenue is good.Its good to have a thread for tax handling.It will be helpful for many developers.i will join :smiley:

Its result of 1.5 years and its growing every month.

i post it here for motivation.
Because once such posts also motivated me to reach here.

By the way there many other indian developers who are making this much and even more. Few are in this forum also.

Thanks actually its true. After joining this forum and started reading the income reports, I have published my first game. Now after seeing fellow Indians income making me more motivated. Thanks guys for sharing this info.

Looks like you tried appodeal.
Will you please share the performance stats?

I might give a try for few networks.

Impression is very low so I am not able to say the performance yet. But i was using Admob before with even lower inpression and i would say that was better than appodeal. But Appodeal is saying they need to receive few thousand impression in order to give the best eCPM. So I am waiting still :frowning:

Are this earnings from app published on Google Play alone or All other markets combined? Also what are type of app.This really motivated me :slight_smile: . Hope to post same figure or some 3 digit earning figure soon :slight_smile:

GP + Other markets as well.

But i do not think other markets are contributing more than 5% of totall revenue.

Apps are utility apps for use of all age groups.

Lets pay tax and be safe from Govt tax rules.
Remember we need to pay both Service tax + Income tax if revenue is more than 10Lakh.

I have opened separate thread for it here.

lets educate each other on tax there.

If you are not using 3rd party app stores use them they will give you some additional revenue.My personal picks for 3rd party stores are

  1. Opera
  2. Mobogenie
  3. Mobango
  4. Getjar
  5. Slide me( so hard to get approval)
  6. Amazon


Which ad networks are you using ?

Yes. I will add to them.

Which ad networks do you guys are using and which are performing well for you.I use Admob,Mobilecore and Startapp for google play and Airpush bundle 2 for 3rd party app stores.My primary revenue source is Admob (65 % of revenue from it).Please do share your experience with your ad networks.

I used admob and startapp.Now I am using Mobilecore and Appodeal.Since now Appodeal Doing good but right now i am not getting any payment from appodeal My payment schedulade on 3rd June.Appodeal also provide immediate payout but they charge 2% fee for immediate payout .So wait for 3 June.

If you want you can register with my referral link Home | Appodeal it give me some more money to me.

Admob ECPM 0.40

Startapp Ecpm 0.70

Mobile Core Sticky ads 0.40

Appodeal Ecpm 1.01 inclidind banner and video ads

My most user from asia and africa

Hear is My appodeal report it might be help to some one.

It does not sound right.
Indeed, Appodeal has to process at least 10K impressions to achieve optimal performance, but it should be better than Admob right away.
Please, send me your account information in DM and I will check it. Please include screenshots from your Admob accounts as well.

I will inspect your account, there might be some bug.