Increasing banner revenue

Hi guys,

I have admob banners in my apps. While having a high fill rate, I’m not too happy with the cpm (around 0,35).

My question is that simple and sounds a bit dumb: how to increase my cpm?
I heard about solutions that combine several ad networks in order to deliver better revenue to the publisher. May you suggest some of that solutions?



Hi Victor,

I suggest the following:

Mopub mediator getting ads from:
Leadbolt, Millennial Media, Admob + whatever other networks you have signed up.

Exactly what I need.

Does mopub give you anything more than free admob mediation would?

may want to give Airpush a try, I too have high fill rates with my two apps - 95%+ but i have high CPM currently around $3. So far very pleased with my revenues

hope this helps!