Increased CTR is risky for ban?

CTR is exceeding 3.00% for last 3-4 days in one of my apps. its like 3.14%,3.00%,3.47%,2.87% etc.
It was 1.80% average earlier. shall i ignore the increased CTR?

I did some changes in my app. i added one new feature and changed the ad placement and its pop-up timings.
shall i revert them back to avoid Admob radar’s dire consequences?

as long as you haven’t placed the ads in a way that makes user click on them accidentally, i don’t think you have to be worried about it…it may just be that your new placements are the cause for the increased clicks (maybe they are more visible now and attract more attention) or it may just be that you are being given better ads in the last days and people click more on them for that reason.

It could be related to the World Cup. My CTR has gone up a little over the past few days. Keep an eye on it I’d say.