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Hello Everyone!
Happy Holidays :slight_smile:

As you know I am here checking you guys a lot, reading about your thoughts, ideas and more.
Appwiz soon will launch a great NEW Ad unit (Coming Soon) but until then we are here to offer the Best PPD World Wide rates, great Revenue Share on your in App ads display and END OF THE YEAR instant Bonus, new sign ups and live developers as one!

We have great promotion for Dec based on # of impressions- HUGE bonus for each 1.000.000 impressions.
We will announce monthly promotion EVERY MONTH from now on, and will make sure you guys will have another way to enjoy working with Appwiz while monetizing your Apps!

A lot of you out here might know us, some of you are new,but I am calling and offering ALL of you to re- connect with Appwiz, we are flexible to set up the best payment plan to each and every one of you based on your traffic, performance and App activity. We are willing to work and optimize ALL KIND OF traffic sources and find the best combination using our Monetization tool to make sure you will maximize you App activity to the fullest!

I am posting my personal Skype ID for any of you that would like to know more about what I have to offer, old and new developers, we are growing , we are here to stay and would be happy to have you on board!
anni-appwiz - Ping me!

BIG MONEY IS ON THE TABLE just come and get it!


For those of you who want to be scammed this is the best AD network…go for it and you will lose your time and money, the proof is in the link in my signature, full detailed proof.

As soon as you remove their SDK they wont pay you the last month, and they don’t pay how much as it is written in the dashboard, IF you are lucky to be paid!

dont trust they dont pay

The only thing that well be increase is Appwiz Daily Revenues ,after steal new developer work and money
They are scammed live on other developer money
they are steal more than 3000$ from me

hey Appwiz, go fix it. I am not going to try you after these bad reviews. Haven’t seen such payment related reviews with any other ad network. Networks like Widdit and Airpush do count less number of users/impressions but atleast they pay what the dashboard says. Sorry but…can’t try you as of now.

Hey javaexp,

I understand how you feel, any chance we can chat on Skype?
I do have a complete answer about these payment issue regarding some developers that I will not share here (this is their personal story and behavior) but I would like to get a chance to talk to you about Appwiz and assure you that we are here to work together.

All and All you would have tried Appwiz by now (this is your 2nd time replying on my posts and sharing your doubts which I do understand how you feel), However, you do understand that we have many other developers who are happy with Appwiz, they constantly make money and grow with us, they get paid in FULL ever month and on time without even contacting us, payment is on time every 20th of each month.

So, it does shows that you are interested and I would like just to get a chance to talk to you one on one.

Pls add me on Skype anni-appwiz from there it is up to you!

So you shouldn’t share them even in chat…But for my situation I’d really like you to share it here so everybody can see, like I did in the link in my signature(With images and screenshot proofs).I was happy with you but as soon as I didn’t bring downloads to your SDK, you didn’t say nothing, you just didn’t pay, which shows your scammer nature.And I am not the only one who says that.

thanks for share