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Keyword Installs is the most element of boost app ranking. Especially high quality installs . There was a research show that nearly 90% users download the app with keyword, like: Suppose you run a hotel Booking business in india
and running your app on play store
now think for a moment if some one want to visit in india from any other countries or
the person of country he want to visit in any metro city of india
then he will go on play store and will search by keywords like

Hotels in india, Hotels in pune, Hotels In mumbai, Hotels in delhi

and your app will show him on top so he will go to install and use it

so via this way you can keep all keywords related to your app on top .
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Keyword installs are that method of promotion which is focusing at making your app visible in search result page of Google Play according to certain keywords. The more links are made to certain app via keywords - the higher keyword ranking (higher keyword position) your app has got.

Moreover, before keyword installs - you need to conduct [b]ASO.[/b] It means the app should contain the keywords in its app’s title and description. After only this procedure the keyword installs will be efficient campaign for discoverability your app in Store.

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There are a lot od social networks where you need to apply the copywriter skills and motivate your user to link your app. Anyway they are vry important to keep in touch with your direct audience.

My practice has taught me that having poor visibility in Store you have week chances to impress your users. The users are sensible regarding your position and the amount of installs - they want the best apps be installed on their device. So to convince your user to download your app - you need to boost incent installs and be visible for other Store participants to represent your app.

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