Income reports, monetization & marketing tips. A great learning source for beginners.

So many of you are like me who is very very new to app business and most of us dont even know what to do. So we sit and learn through trial and error.

If you are like me you are probably going to like this youtube channel. HowToMakeMobileGames - YouTube ← this guy has had successes and failures. He used to make 5k a month but now its getting harder for him.
So in his channel he just speaks about his experience and experiments with various monetization styles and very openly discusses about his successes and failures. He also has income reports, unity tutorials and Q&A sessions.

BTW: this was the only youtube channel i managed to find where android/ios developer talks “real” (and not hyped angry birds success) stories. I would love to hear more about these. If anyone else know good android/ios business youtube channels then please let me know.

Thanks man for sharing!