Income reports: AdMob & App Purchases

Didn’t realise you were an aussie David, g’day bloke :slight_smile:

Well I posted in the comments section of one of your reports a while back with my August AdMob results and since then things have been on the up. Truthfully I’ve been extremely lazy and haven’t touched my apps for months but the money still keeps rolling in.

I’ve been happy to just have the apps on Android Market and ads with AdMob… if it aint broke, don’t fix it :wink:

December has been an amazing month, my AdMob revenue has inexplicably gone up ~30% over previous months. I had a crazy day on New Years Day, $88 in AdMob revenue!
While my app sales remain fairly constant at 1-2 a day.

Essentially my apps are guides to games, but they’re not just swathes of text, they are interactive guides requiring the user to sit there and enter a lot of things manually. This may sound boring, but if you knew the games you’d know that the kind of people that play them wouldn’t mind sitting there entering stuff. keeps them cycling through the ads :wink:

So basically my success is closely related to the success of the game to which my guide relates. You could call it leeching off the success of others, but I prefer symbiotic relationship :slight_smile:

There were already apps out there that were basically lists of text and weren’t overly helpful, and having played the game and reading the guides I knew there was a better way to do things. So this also comes back to the “find something others are doing and do it better” idea.

I really really need to get off my arse and write more apps and polish off the ones I have going now. The natural progression from here would be to write one of these games that I write guides for. At the moment though, with the weather so fine, fishing is higher on my priority list :cool:

That’s sweeeet :slight_smile: What is your monthly income on Android apps?

Average income from AdMob has been about $300/m
Average income from app sales through the Android Market has been about $50/m

I have free versions that run AdMob, and paid ad-free versions.

You’ve done pretty well for yourself in your first month, I think my first month I made $30, I was over the moon with that result :slight_smile:

Sadly, New Years had the opposite effect on my admob app. I was making around $70/day until New Years day when it dropped to $20/day… It still hasn’t gone back up unfortunately. I’m not entirely sure what the cause is.

OK 350$/month is good start from my view :slight_smile:

Yes, me being on the market for only one time, it’s awesome…

G’day mate! Yep, I’m an Aussie :wink: Looks like you’ve got some pretty good results there. It’s amazing to see the diversity in the different apps people are posting here, and how it affects the advertising revenue. Some have games, some casual productivity apps, some social - and now yours which is kind of a hybrid, by the sounds of it. If people are willing to sit there entering data into your app, that’s great.

Would you like to post a link to your apps? I’m sure some of us here could give you feedback, although I probably don’t play the games in question.

Nah I won’t be posting a link on the open forum, its too easy to replicate.

I laugh at people that don’t share their ideas for fear of others stealing their idea and making money from it, even though those people would never do anything with their idea and never actually make any money out of it… but when there is real cash money involved, it becomes understandable why some people are coy about discussing the secret to their success.

I’m quite happy to show my results and tell the world ‘roughly’ what I did, but not exactly. The reason being, I’d like to see more devs encouraged to write apps for Android, but I’d rather not have 10 clones pop up over night stealing my revenue :wink:

Fair enough. I’m running up against the same thing - as my apps get more successful, there’s more reason to keep some details private, even if I do like the openness of sharing everything. I can definitely sympathise with Google - people often complain they’re not really committed to the “open” concept. I think they are, but since they own one of the most successful companies in the world, there’s some specific business details which they need to keep for the competitive advantage.

I don’t regard that as “evil” - I just think it’s necessary to keep the company running, developing awesome platforms like Android :slight_smile: After all, there’s a difference between publicly stating your income, and publicly stating your bank account number and password.

So since my initial post all that time ago, I’ve basically done nothing with these apps.
I implemented AirPush SmartWall ads at some point in conjuction with AdMob banners, and copped a constant barrage of bad reviews and Russians yelling “VIRUS VIRUS!” at me… but that didn’t deter me, and I left AirPush there as it was making me more than AdMob was.

Currently have 68k active installs, 780k downloads. Ratings mostly above 4.

I have since removed AirPush and am currently just using AdMob banners as I did finally concede that my apps were a bit heavy on the ads.
… which I’m a bit disappointed in. Revenue has basically halved from running AdMob & AirPush together :frowning:

So I’m currently looking for a smarter way to monetize my apps and potentially ditch AdMob…


So I implemented in app purchases to unlock functionality and also added interstitials on activity transition and app exit…
Ad revenue up 30%, and more in app purchases than “pro version” purchases, like 5x more.
So win all round I think.

2 Apps.
1App = $7-8 per day
2 App= $.30 per day

using admob banners and interstitial

my feb earning :smiley:

Impressive ! How many apps?

You earnings ascended from 0 to 150$ in just 6-days. Either you included this ad-id in some already long-time established app or you ripped-off a famous app. Which one is it? :slight_smile:

Nice btw.

or made another flappy bird knock-off :wink:

thanks for your analytic. from one famous app, and now that app get banned :cool: because of my fault