Income report for December

Posted a new income report on my blog. Still very small earnings.

Thanks for posting. Don’t feel discouraged by the small numbers - I believe the main thing is getting the process right. You’re making decent eCPM from the apps you’ve got, so when you get an app that’s really popular (which has happened to me twice so far), you’ll be able to capitalise on that success quite easily.

Making that popular app is the hard bit :wink: For an independent developer, I believe that just takes time, dedication, and a lot of trial & error. Building your reputation by continued work on these apps will help. If you get good reviews, it really helps drive new users to any future apps you might release.

Yes, I agree. Small numbers makes you feel demotivated, but you have to see the bigger picture and try to get the way of doing it right. Of course not all developers will be successful as Angry Birds, but I believe that one’s hard work will pay off at the end.

And even if you have small income, it’s about increasing the amount. Even though it may not be a zillion dollars from one month to another.

And also, I think it’s actually interesting to follow indie devs, who starts small and learn and observe what they do than reading about success stories with no “beginning”.

Good luck anyways.

Thanks for the encouragement. I’m definitely not giving up. I agree its good to keep putting apps out there until you find one that gets somewhat popular.

I’ve spent alot of time developing a new app that is almost ready to release. I plan to use a tapjoy offerwall and in app payments to unlock extra content. Hopefully that will help the income a little.

If this one doesn’t work then I think I will focus on a few easier apps that don’t take so long to code. That way I don’t spend a lot of time on something that nobody is interested in. And when one gets popular then spend more time making that popular one better.