Income per installed user ?

Please post your income per installed user per month.

I think it will be very interesting to understand how much this varies across apps and by advertisement type. Knowing this information will help determine if advertising is worth i!

Me first: WordHero = $0.07 using CPC 320x50 banner ads.

I get about $0.07 per user for DrunkGreenRobots. Mostly from in app unlockables (pay or earned from tapjoy). It started off at around $0.10 per user but the more users the conversion rate seems to be lower.

For my other mildly successful app 30 Day Relationship Challenge it is way less. I make money strictly from advertising but it isn’t an app that keeps users engaged for very long. Even if they stick it out through the whole 30 days they may only open the app for a minute or less each day. I have roughly 40k total installs and have made around $200 bucks on it… that comes to $0.005 per user at best. And by mildly successful I mean I got more than a few people to download it. I wouldn’t call any of my apps successful based on monetization.

Interestingly similar - around $0.06 in my case. But in terms of estimating if advertising is worth it you should be asking different question - what is the average lifetime customer value. Much harder to estimate but that’s really what matters - if this is significantly higher over cost per install then you’re making money otherwise you’re flushing them down the toilet. You should also consider that not every user is equal - to be really sure it’s worth it we should be segmenting users by how they installed our apps. User obtained through advertising may spend much more/less time/money with the app than a average ‘organic’ user.

Excellent point! Any idea how to measure that ?

If you depend on advertising then time spent with your app displaying ads equals revenue. Let’s say your eCPM is $0.30 and ad refresh rate is 60 sec. This means every 1000 minutes spent with the app brings you $0.30. On average. Now inside your app you can track how much time was spent effectively estimating potential revenue from a particular user. To make it more accurate you could even set different eCPMs per geographic location. Most analytics services allow you to track ecommerce transactions like in-app purchases. This can be used to track every estimated ‘advertising dollar’ as if it was real money. It’s probably not going to be 100% accurate but will give enough data to perform at least educated guesses if not informed decisions.

I must admit I haven’t implemented it for myself yet, I’m currently tracking it somewhat different but it’s quite tedious and inaccurate so I’m planning to switch to something like described above. As soon as my other experiment gets some traction and will require less time to maintain I’m going to give it a try.

how have you measured? monthly income divided by active installs? not sure how accurate that is. I’ll get 0.02

(lifetime income per download = 0.04)