Income note

Pls friends, how much does a utility/tool app earn on average nowadays (eg battery saver/ cleaner etc). I seached the whole forum but I coundnt find latest answer.

i dont know why, but developers here will never reply answer this kind question. I also asked a similar question few weeks back and only got 1 indirect response, i was like WTF@?+. Goodluck, maybe they will reply this time.

Well I would like to equate your question with “how clear I can see the moon with telescope?”

As you know it depends upon the QUALITY of the telescope and the LOCATION of the moon + many other factors.

Likewise there is no straight answer of your question.

It depends upon the quality+advertisement+location which decides the earnings. There is always the scope of similar apps if they are presented in different and innovative way.

Scope never ends. Competition increases for sure. Every new technology serves cake easier in the beginning. But we need to stand in the queue later when it grows and increase the crowd.

Same applies here if I am not wrong.