Income drop in all networks


I’m wondering if someone experiences the same problem as me. I have several apps that integrated Admob, MobileCore, StartApp. Since the beginning of new year, income from all the networks have been decreasing rapidly. Admob’s income is about 1/4 now, while MobileCore’s income drops about half. The same with StartApp.

If you face the same problem, please share it here.


Mine Startapp drop too :’(

same to me

yesterday, my ecpm and revenue drop too. :(.

It seems that new year is not the time for marketing, so revenue drops for all, right?

i don’t think for all. someone maybe still be normal.

appnext is still good my ecpm is higher than 5

wow, ecpm than 5, impressive

My traffic increased by 50% in the past weeks, but the total revenue hasn’t increased at all. MoPub Marketplace has a solid eCPM, but the fill rate is only 33%. MMedia eCPM went below $0.10, Mobfox fill rate is 20% with a pretty bad eCPM as well. Amazon only serves US ads (but with a solid $1 eCPM). Added InMobi, but it’s even slightly worse than MMedia. But I gotta get those requests filled… Those are all banner & interstitials combined (where interstitials are available).

Really not sure what to do with my next app. Monetization via ads seems to be a very fragile model.

Today Impression 122
Ecpm 0.05 as per first update of today for my new app

i don;t know whats happening my old game is giving me much more amount & clicks but new game has more active users and impressions :frowning:

122 impressions…really?

Only 122 impressions? Even my shitty app that barely gets 5 viewers a day gets even more.

that was first update of admob


Admob updates fro me 5-6 times a day this was 1st one and it’s only 4 days :smiley: i am happy with it at least i am getting this amount of impression then 0 Impression

on third Full day it’s giving 1,177
Impression 1,251 Requests
@Proxzor 5 Viewers a day and impression more then 122

in admob what’s your refresh interval ?

@Skurry We invite you to try Being an aggregator we can deliver 90%+ fill rate for all geos delivering high eCPM’s. PM me if you need more info.

45 seconds on banners and interstitials are the default one.