Income discrepancy?


I am a fairly large app developer on iOS (1M+ revenue). The app is a paid app and does not rely on advertising.

I transitioned the app to Android and am having some learning curve issues. The sales figures I have been getting on my merchant account seem to be off. Under payouts -> Transactions, I will have for example, 1200 in credit for a day, and 360 debit. That makes sense to me.

The issue is, when I go to the orders page and add up the transactions that are green (IE, went through and were charged), I add up revenue of closer to $1500 - not $1200. Further, AppAnnie provides revenue figures that are again, closer to the numbers I calculate than what shows on my Transactions page.

I understand that if a purchase was made on lets say April 26th, the charge may not go through until the 27th. But EVERYDAY has been lower on my transactions page than my orders page. If charges were being passed onto the next day, I imagine they would level out at some point.

Can someone shed some experience/light on what I am doing wrong? Are appannie reports to be trusted? Should I contact Google? Thanks.

No experience with AppAnnie but it could be that some users installed (paid for) the app and uninstalled (got charged back).

Possibly, but doubtful. For one, I look back at the previous day 5-6 hours after the day has passed to look at the orders. They have 2 hrs to return an app I believe, so I would see it, no?

Another weird thing, when I check AppAnnie, all the figures in March match exactly with Google merchant account numbers. That’s not the case w/ April. The figures are always lower on the Google transactions page.

1)Don’t trust Google, there are enough reasons in this forum.

2)Maybe some transactions don’t clear until the end of the month?

3)Maybe they are displaying net amounts?