incentivized vs non - incentivized networks

Does buying incentivized installs which will obviously lead to quick uninstall make any difference in gp rank?
What’s your experience with both types of ad networks?

Incentivized makes your gp rank up for few days and within 2 -3 days your gp rank will not only go down but your app will get out of gp rank.Actually within 2 days these user most probably uninstall your app .Because of which your uninstall/install ratio changes.Resulting in droping gp rank.I have used Tapjoy within 3 days I got 1k downloads and after 5 more days only 200 were remaining.

Thanks ;). What about loosing non-incentive users using appbrain? Has anyone tested how many people uninstallation ratio after 5+ days?

Noone can answer for that question. Non-incentive users means users that downloaded your app because they wanted it. They will use your app as long as they want to so the most meaningful thing there is your app quality.

Btw, you can buy incentive installs on for $0.1