Incentivized installs with THE BEST PRICE

Hi! I work as Android dev since 2011. I have more than 100 apps available now. I want to sell installs and reviews for your app. Installs are from REAL users, who are also using my apps. They are not bots. Reviews can be with text or without it. Comments are in few languages, with normal words usage.

Mainly I want to sell installs and reviews in bigger amounts - e.g. 1000 installs / 100 reviews.

I can deliver installs and comments in more than 10 main countries - ask me about your selected countries.

You can select countries and installs/reviews per every country. I can deliver them in few days - you can select how much per day.

We can discuss prices with bigger amounts.

Contact me on skype to get more info: mmmkkksss.mmmkkksss2 . Best regards!

We can get install for $.09 and yours is $.3… looks very high!!!

so the installs were in reality incentivized? that makes more sense

Hi, can you show me your way to get install with $0.09? Is it 1st world countries and organic?

How do you provide installs…can you give more info on it

My installs are from real users who use my apps. I show them ads with ur app and track installs.

Added you in skype. see you there (y)

Already 4 people from this thread used my service and for now everyone are satisfied:)

I was talking about Ayetstudio pricing. Not mine :slight_smile:

I don’t know how they are working. Maybe they have lower prices, but they may use bots or whatever… They might not be safe for your apps. But i really dont want to talk about others. I just put my offer and if someone is interested - just write PM or on skype;)

Actually they have an app in the store called cash pirate and its legit. I am a long time user of them. They even have different retention plans.

There is one more service in the market which is also equal to this.

I also wanted to use different service like yours. Whether your price is negotiable?

Only with very big amount

Price is really high. Not suitable for my current canpaigns. Anyway good luck for your venture.

Goos price for high value. Ok no problem. Have a good luck!

Ordered big pack of ratings+reviews. Very great service. All was delivered in time with adequate reviews.