Incentivized installs with convenient price

The Reason You Need This Gig:
Our App Promotion service gets your app into the playstore ranking

What We Offer:

1.)1000 or more GENUINE installs for your FREE app in just 90$
2.)Installs from REAL people via our INCENTIVIZED offers.
3.)Track our installations directly with Google Analytics or we will provide you our tracking application apk file, by that way you can see current installs date wise and time wise also.
Benefits of our service:
Incentivized installs are an important factor for promoting apps in the Play Store today! With incentivized installs you can easily rank your apps – especially during the first 30 days after app release (“Top New Free” charts) - and build upon that traction with additional organic installs you get in return for higher visibility.

Please read carefully to avoid misunterstandings!
1.) We do NOT work with affiliate URLs, only PlayStore URLs!
2.) We CANNOT guarantee any retention rate since our customers are REAL human beings!
3.) We can deliver about 300 - 400 installs per day. If you have any question, feel free to send personal message.
5) If your App/game is more than 20 MB, Install rate will be change.
4) We do NOT use emulators to drive installs!

Suitable payment Method :-
1.) Paypal ( ID :- [email protected] )
2.) Skrill ( ID :- [email protected] )

Thank you.