Incentivized installs to the best price.

Hi, people! I sell incentivized installs, price is $90 for 1000 Normal Retention installs. You can pay through PayPal or Payoneer. Users are real and the service is safe and guaranteed. If you are interested, please send me a message.

Thanks! Best Regards!

im interested , give me your skype id pelase

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Interested! skype id please

How do we know the users are real and the service is safe and what is meant by “guaranteed”? Guaranteed by who.


I am interested. Pm me your skype id.

Hi, the users are real. They will test your app, then… you will see ad impressions.

Service is “guaranteed” because if you buy, for example, 1000 installs, you will receive those 1000. If for any reason I can’t complete the order, I’ll refund no given installs.

PM sent :slight_smile:

pm me your skype id plz :slight_smile:

PM sent :slight_smile:

Does this also include 5* reviews? Pm your Skype id.

Hi, it doesn’t include the reviews. Users can do it if they want. PM sent.

Please PM me

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Hello. I’m very interested in your services. Could you send me details, please?

Hi, PM sent with Skype id :slight_smile:

Pm me please

PM sent :slight_smile: I’ll be waiting for your message…

Hello do you offer any trials to prove this works well? I am interested

Hi, I don’t offer free trials, but you can try the service with with 20 installs for as low as $2 :slight_smile:

I’ve sent you a PM with my Skype id…

I also have a Fiverr profile with this username, you can search it (I don’t know if I can paste the link) to see my reviews :slight_smile: