In-app Purchase - File format


I wish to integrate in-app purchase in my app but i’ve a problem.
The item i d’like to sell is a sound pack, constituate of wav audio.

How is it possible to add physical item to google play ? (cause everything looks digital)
Wha’ts the way to do this ?

Thanks you very much

Nobody know ?

You don’t actually deliver any media with IAP’s. What you could do is include the sound pack with your app and unlock it with an IAP.

Thanks for your answer,
it’s a great solution, you mean hide/protect/encrypt the files on the sdcard or internal Storage of the users ?

Well IAP is really not designed to sell media. You may want to look into another way if your selling songs or something. If the thing your selling is a physical good you can even use other payments other than google wallet.

If you still want to sell through google’s IAP, I would probably host the files on a server then use an IAP to download them through your app.

Thanks you for this explanation, I understand better now.
As you said, i think i’ll host my files. It’s the best way for audio files.

Thanks a lot.


I know it’s an old thread, but maybe you can do the following:

1 - add in-app purchase in your apk

2 - When user buys the item you receives the confirmation from Google API directly in your application. This time, instead of the usual way that is to enable an item that already is in the APK file, your app can connect to a server (your server) sending the data provided by Google API to confirm user paid for the item.

3 - You server than allows your application to download the item to the user’s device.

You will have more work because you will have pro create a server to handle the delivery of your content only to users that paid for it and your application will have to know how to connect to and external server and download content.

But at least this way you will be free to sell contents not pre-packaged in APK files.