In App Purchase alternative Ideas-doubt

Hi,i do have a doubt regarding in-app purchase in android.I am actually looking for alternative as most of users doesn’t buy item or use apps with in-app billing i am thinking of adding an ads to it so that when user view ads additional coins in game would be awarded.So my question is ,are there any ad agency that use these feature? so that apps published on other stores could have this feature enabled.

you cant give your players something in return for clicking an ad. Google will ban you

Oh i see.Thanks for the hint.Btw i am looking this feature for alternate stores where in-app billing not possible.

@Mateusz That may be true for networks like Admob, but there are specific networks for what @ThemeBowlApp is looking for.

Try out TapJoy. They offer incentivized ads that pay the user currency for use in-game.

Thank you @A1ka1inE . Will try :wink:

Try Offer Wall instead of In-App Purchase. I supply In-App Purchase in my game but none buy it, so I’m going to use Offer Wall to replace the In-App Purchase.

So which company offer wall is good?and How to implement this feature?

I choose TapJoy Offer Wall. Right now I’m working on it. After I successfully integrate it into my game, I will post a blog and send you the blog URL.

Hey @ThemeBowlApp. You can do exactly what you are describing with Pollfish for any store :slight_smile: Actually with this approach you can achieve very high completion rates on the platform!

Vungle i think offers video views for game currency feature

You can use Applovin, Heyzap video ads too, i see many dev use this for game currency reward