In-app billing or sell a full version of the app?

I am now having a full and a free version of an app. The users get reminded in a popup dialog from the free version
to buy the full version.

I am considering to implement Google Play In-app Billing instead. The user could then unlock features in the app instead of buying a full version.

Which approach would be most profitable? The free version of my app is a 3D visualization tool
and it contains commercials. The full version also function as a music visualizer and it has no commercials.

If I changed this to In-app Billing, I would just have one version.
It would be a 3D visualization tool with commercials, where the user could unlock the
music visualizing functionality. This would also remove the commercials.

I think from various sources I have gotten the impression that in-app billing is “better”.

Though for payment also user goes to Google Play - with a second download the user is saved from extra storage etc. (and confusion) - may start to think of your application as “one” integrated etc. (two versions may confuse that).

Why not both? Paid app + IAP unlock for free app. In free app (or both) also some consumable IAP payments (coins, stars, gems etc.). Make sure you don’t piss off users who hate IAP and you should be OK. :slight_smile:

So it is more probable that the user chooses to unlock the locked features than to buy the full version?

Both alternatives would be announced in the same way from the free version, in a pop-up dialog.