Impossible Ninja Runner?


Help Ninja to take Yoroi Bitsu back!
Yoroi Bitsu, ninja family chest armor was kidnapped by cunning ninja from an enemy clan. Ninja will run at 5 different locations pass through 20 levels, fight with 5 Boss Ninjas and dozens of ordinary Ninjas to reclaim the stolen family armor.

Game features:
-four Langueges

  • Story and Free Mode
  • 5 unique locations in 4 different Asian countries
  • Fight with ordinary ninja
  • Unique Boss fight
  • A great set of obstacles, traps, upgrades
  • Weapons, armor, and nephritis Store
  • Leaderboard and achievements with an award
  • Amazing and thematic oriental music at each location
  • High resolution (with the possibility to choose the range of drawing)
  • Extremely user-friendly control swipe
  • The ability to run over the wall in a seemingly hopeless situations

Here is the You tube link

Please let me know, if you’ve got some recommendations. Thanks