Important Nuances For Choosing A Category For Promotion Of Applications

So here my list of nuances you must pay attention to when choose your proper category:

[1. Place the materials in the appropriate section. For example, if you put a weather app in the travel category because of less competition or in games because of popularity, then you risk that visitors will disregard your publication. Since, when entering these sections, users search for other applications.

  1. Creating and placing the program, focus on a potential audience. It is actual for books to have “clever” and serious description, and there will be welcomed humor and creativity in game categories.

  2. Publishing in popular categories will allow you to achieve more traffic. However, you need to consider that the competition in these sections is higher, and therefore you can not do without the tools that are used to promote on Google Play. You do need to stand out from others. But if you will be found on the first pages, then you are provided with more traffic.

  3. Placing applications in less popular categories has its advantages. There is less competition, so less effort is required to get to the TOP. And the probability of that, before your publication is growing, is higher.
    Place your applications in the most popular categories because of a broad target audience or in less popular because of less competition –decide yourself. In the first case you will get a mass of visitors, but more competition, in the second - ease of advancement, but a narrower audience. However, effective rating promotion is impossible without sufficient application optimization (ASO).


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