IMPORTANT : Best way to earn 50$-5000$ per day ! MUST READ

hey , it is not very difficult to make 100$ a day , first of all make small apps (if u a beginner) around 50 atleast and publish it monetizing with airpush bundle2 (which offers 50$ eCPM for installs)0.05$ per installs and enable only 2 icon ads per day for users so that the ads aren’t very irritating . then monetize with MOBVISTA(10$ eCPM wen impressions increase it will be around 2-3$) for full screen exit ads , or any other ad network like mobilecore , admob , appflood , etc . Now you’ll have 2 ad networks monetized with each of ur apps . airpush bundle 2 giving 0.05$ and others giving CPM . now publish ur 50 or so apps on atleast 20 3rd party app stores , (dont publish on play store since airpush bundle 2 is not compatible with google policies) . here is a list of 3rd party app stores :
14) mobogenie developer (check next page for link)
15) mall (check next page for link)
16) Software Store (Sprint) (check next page for link)
17) Pdassi (check next page for link)

once u publish ur 50 approx apps on these 10 - 15 3rd party app stores , you’ll be done :wink:

REMEMBER : if u using airpush bundle 2 in ur apps , use it only for publishing ur apps on 3rd party apps stores and not play store .

now just wait for 2-3 days and you’ll be earning according to this theoretical calculation :

50 apps * 15 app stores = 750 installs/day (i.e each app has atleast 1 install in one day from one app store)
750 installs * 0.05$ (of airpush bundle 2) = 37.5$ = 30$ (reduce this value by 20% coz all users might not accept ads EULA) = 20$/day
for 750 installs you’ll get 1000 impressions increasing more day by day.
say on an average after 12 days u get 12000 impressions from good networks like MOBVISTA (or others of ur choice)
out of 10000 impressions - 1000 clicks - 200 installs - 70$(approx/day after first 12 days) and goes on increasing day by day .
so 70$ (MOBVISTA/ other network) + 30$ = 100$/day (now in the beginning this value might be around 50$ to 100$ per day but as days pass it will increase)

I joined [b]MOBVISTA [/b] two months ago , They seem to have really good CPM and developer offers .

Couples of days back they released their new sdk 2.1.0 , tht guarantees the following features :

  • New Interactive Ads ( Double eCPM )
  • Floating icon
  • Expandable interstitial
  • 3D app wall ( Triple+ eCPM )

To try this sdk you check my ref link here .

Now lets talk about developer the earnings :

mobvista offers really good 10$ eCPM(wen impressions increase it will be around 2-3$) (i.e. based on the installs from the ads displayed in your apps )for their exit ads like 3D wall AD , Interstitials and overlay Ads . These ads are very attractive and have better user interaction chance .
for each install it pays 0.3$ - 0.5$ , which is really good ! check the following example :
if you have 5 apps monetized with mobvista,
if your ad impressions : 10,000 || 50,000 || 100,000 || 1,000,000
approx click on ads : 2,000 || 5,000 || 20,000 || 200,000
installs from ads : 50-100 || 100-500 || 500-1000 || 10,000-20,000

earnings : 100*(0.3$-0.5$) || 500*(0.3$-0.5$) 1000*(0.3$-0.5$) 10,000*(0.3$-0.4$)
= 30$-50$/day = 150$-250$/day 300$-500$/day 3000$-5000$/day

above values are theoretical and most likey practical for majority developers . they may vary on per day traffic on ur apps . MORE THE USERS MORE THE MONEY !!!
They have WEEKLY 50$ threshold payment also available . The customer service response time is usually 2-3 hrs !
They have 100% fill rate so if you want to start with MOBVISTA JOIN NOW !!! with my ref link . This is my plan for me and it is slowly working out the same way , if u like it then take it or work it out ur way experiences matter try out either good luck :slight_smile: Thank you !

1) MOBVISTA - 100% fill rate 10$ eCPM Weekly payments JOIN NOW !!!

make 50 apps? No problem :slight_smile:

Wow you really put some thought into this, interesting read.

I published some apps on opera and now I have 72 installs on 6 months …so you can have 0 installs for weeks on some apps. Assuming that we have 50 apps (lol) I can say that you will never reach 10 ecpm. Consider your self lucky if you reach 2-3 ecpm.

buddy there is a trick for increase installs on opera :slight_smile: just click on edit ur app and just click update app ! ur app reaches on front page in the section of new updated apps . do this for all ur apps and you’ll get 1k downloads a day ! do this every 3-4 hrs . number of apps can be more than 50 , if u making good apps then 50 also will do but if u making normal apps (less attractive) make plenty such small ones n go on publishing on all app stores u’ll get the result.

Good tricks

oh didn’t know that… i’ll try it right now. thanks for the hint

This trick doesn’t work for me, it’s not getting me any new downloads.

I can’t register Appslib, when i enter email confirm, it show : “Not copy” and my Email disappear

I just notice that my apps exist in 1mobile and Mobogenie, I never published and even don’t have account for those app store, I think 1mobile and Mobogenie just redirect everything from GP

Same happens to me. We are not alone. Cross appslib from that list.

Mobile9 asks for registration fee?

Hello guys here are a few store more :slight_smile:

15)Software Store (sprint)
16)Socio Mall

Change ur package name and then publish ur apps on these store :slight_smile:

REMEMBER : if u using airpush bundle 2 in ur apps , use it only for publishing ur apps on 3rd party apps stores and not play store .

However i am getting 20% result from airpush bundle 2.
My apps are on 3rd party store getting 5000 download.
But i am getting 1000 addon on bundle 2.
And now i am able to get daily 100$ .
(50$ mobilecore) .
Kingsloks help me lots.
Previously i have posted a thread talking about how hard it is to make 100$ a day from apps,
And start working on kingsloki idea from that day.

@Kingloki and @rounak : How can I use Airpush SDK bundle 2 ? I can’t find it

Hello manhcuong,
You have to either mail to nick davies or mail to airpush support ([email protected]) and ask them to add bundle 2 sdk to your account.
Since its only for 3rd party airpush have not put bundle 2 directly because it may confuse developer developer who are using airpush on google play.

Ok thank you, so when user download my apps with airpush bundle 2, i will get 0,05$/install ?

Thanks for your great information for making money. But i am not fit for all. At first i want to develop my skill as a android developer then i will join here.

Yes , if the user clicks OK on the EULA at the opening of app , you’ll get 0.05$ . But make sure you do not use airpush bundle 2 for google play ! ONLY 3rd PARTY APP STORES !