Im going to build an app download bot

Hey there guys,

Why to spend money for bots if you can order [b]the app installs made by real users[/b].

[b][i]The main privileges are:

  • The price is the same

  • It’s much safer than bots

  • The daily amount can be set as you need.[/i][/b]

The manager coordinate the process and you get the detailed report after the campaign is finished.

Keenmobi proposes the incentivized offer walls and deliver installs from real users and devices on a CPI basis. We guarantee dynamic installs’ volume and significant position improvement.

The most crucial thing is still beASO as the target users will be caught majorly via search traffic.

The app should be contain traffic keywords and be promoted by keyword installs due to which it will be listed in relevant search request.

Besides, the other important thing are app installs which affect directly on users’ perception. In case your app has a lot of installs - it increase the reliability and make users easily to tap at “Download Application” as they are confident that app justifies its quality. Moreover, the app’s install volume helps to increase the general top chart spot for your app.:wink:

The last trend among developers isbuying incent traffic to make break through into Store Top.

So if you want enormous amount of effective installs - buy incent traffic in proven provider Keenmobi:

· 100% Real People Installs, Reviews and Ratings
· Free ASO Services (Title & Description Keyword Optimization)
· Screenshots, Logo High Quality Redesign/Enhancement
· Keyword Installs Campaigns

For any questions please contact at: [email protected] or visit the site: “[b]Keenmobi[/b]

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