Im going to build an app download bot

In past years, i just developed an app and published in GP, downloads automatically came in. i was able to get 200+ daily downloads for any kind of app without doing anything. but now things have changed and it it’s not possible to get even 10+ daily downloads without marketing. as most of you know, giving a little download boost at the first few days could change the ranking and that’s what im going to do by making a bot. i have few pieces of this plan in my head but need your help to put it together.

Here is my plan

as the first step, im going to run the bot for first 5 days. day 1: 20 dls, day2:30 dls and so on. it’s possible to buy google accs cheap.

  1. device : after testing few options like bluestacks etc, im going to use rooted jar of beans. it can be spoofed as any real device and can reset easily unlike bluestacks.
  2. vpn: already have with multiple US ip addresses

here is what im going to do. im going to add a google acc to jar of beans, open google play and download the app. then reset the jar of beans, change ip and continue the process.

But right now i have no idea about how to put these things together. specially adding a google acc to device is difficult to automate. any ideas?

you are going to do all that for 20 downloads per day? thats not enough my friend.

no, as a starting point and then incrementing

If you do that bot, start with 200 and increment by 100. With such a low volume you’re looking for, I’d just buy them from tapjoy or ayet-studio… In these 5 days that you mentioned you’d get 200 DL with your bot, thats 20$ with the cheapest option from ayet-studio.

Most people don’t think about the time they spend on making an app as money, but I do. If you spend 5 days on app, and you could get 200$ if you worked for someone else, its like spending 200$ on making the app. So, since you’ve paid 200$ already (and you hope that you will get at least this 200$ back, otherwise you would work for someone else, right?), why not put additional 20$ in promotion, that could increase your chances?

Also, keep in mind that it seems Google looks at other factors a lot right now (uninstall rate, how often app is launched / how long is the session etc), so I think boosting the downloads is not good enough. The bot should download the app and launch it few times for few minutes every day, preferably clicking somewhere from time to time (but not on the ads, as that increases the chance to be investigated and banned. Furthermorethe, the ads should not be displayed cause that will lower your ctr and the ad networks won’t like that and will punish you for it). Also, the fake accounts with the only purpose of downloading your apps could get banned eventually, if google notices that.

I’m also afraid I’ll fail to get any downloads with my new project, so I’m planning to spam some related forums and invest 100 - 200$ to get some initial downloads (I think about spending ~50$ on ayet-studio high retention campaign USA (~300 dl) and ~100$ on appbrain targetting USA and maybe other top tier countries too. I consider spending some cash on tapjoy too, its good to have different providers because you can bid lower and get some installs from each of them cheap.

Also, I’ll do some review-exchange here on makingmoneywithandroid to keep the ratings up - I saw 1-stars from Tapjoy users with a comment “Just downloaded to get free gems for game X, I never used this app” - I don’t know how often it happens.

I think I spent like 200 days on this game, so considering my salary, I spent like 12k$ net already (btw, I work on my app over-time, and my employee would gladly pay me 150% for over-time, so if I worked instead of making the app, I’d have 18k$ in my pocket), why not put another 200$ in marketing? The only reason why I won’t put more is that this game’s purpose is to earn some money to promote my second game, which will be upgraded, changed a bit and reskinned first game (reskinning and changing will take like 1 month, but I’ll release it 6 ~ 12 months after the first one).

My advice: forget about the bot as its complicated, against google policy and probably not worth it. Make apps worth downloading, with nice icons, screenshots, description and invest some time and/or resource on marketing.

hello guys donot use Ayet studio for advertisement because their install are based on incentives i,e they give money to the people for install your soon as they get it they remove your app from the phone this cause causes the fall of active installs thus result in nothing.I have worked with them now i tried new on i,e AppBrain they donot provide incentive install thus your app is given to the people who only need your app their install remain active for long time their cost of install is little more i,e $0.2 per install but is can go through this by using the below link
Android App Promotion with AppBrain - Android App Marketing

allagainstyou makes a good point.

Something else you need to consider is the cost of the Google accounts + the Proxy Ips…last I checked Google accounts are going to $0.10 each, so if think about it, unless you have more than 1 app, each install will cost you $0.10, AT LEAST, cause we haven’t factored in Ip proxy costs + other unexpected cost + your time…

This can only work financially IF you also offer a service of App installs…then you can have each Google account download other apps that have paid you and and the same time download your own app.

Not something I would do, or approve of, but why pay for Google Accounts? The people your buying them from probably used a bot to create them, how can you know if they are not all linked together by Google already. Why not create the google accounts yourself with your bot, the same time you switch ip’s?

create android application that reads an application link from a json api and install this application locally.Also, the app can uninstall any app from the device.

create a virtualmachine ->install android->install the application you created ->create 1000 clones with different mac -> install google accounts in each clone.
Whenever you want to install a new app, just put the link in the json api. Your app will read the link and install or uninstall the application

i also thought of this idea but what virtual machine is perfect for this? especially imei

It is good thing that initially your software downloaded 200+ but now its restricted to 10+… Actually the reason behind it is that when you have posted any links so its ups among the postings and after some times as people posted one by one their responses and software so it go down…for getting previous position you need to post it again with another username…

here is how to change the imei
Smartphone News Update: How to change the IMEI in Android using the SDK Emulator

To build an app download bot you can follow some way

  • Continue Task Immediately
  • Keep Tracking
  • Source and so on.

I am sure it is possible, but I think google have their way to monitor the fake downloads and remove them.

Maybe using a real device and change the imei/ip/gp account can do the trick, but you need to find a way to automate the process.

It is easy to tell if a device you are running is an emulator.

Hey OP what happened with the bot? Did it work? Any positive results?

Has anyone here built a working download bot? I am willing to pay a lot of money for one.

building a download bot seems hard because google is detecting fake users better

If somebody interested in bot install, I can sell script and admin app for that. Currently I have script for iPhone and fresh statistic from CPI network.

At the start, you really got a good response if it is like 200+ downloads. Keep your software up to date if you want to get more downloads time to time.

I got more then 30000 downloads per month for several offers. Sure a lot of offers haver limit per day and you can’t download app more then 50 times per day.

I am interested. Check your PM.