Im a Top Developer, now what?


This week, my partner told me that one of our best accounts is now Top Developer on GP, I don’t received any message from Google staff, nothing, only the badge on my account.
The installs don’t are increasing, all it’s the same that the last week.

Anybody has experience on this? I know that it’s a good thing but really helps you?

Thanks for your comments.


Wow, That’s great, looking forward to get your apps and games.

Congratulations Talu. I’m interested to see your app also - can you share over PM if you prefer not to share on the thread? Also are you currently monetizing your app with ads? - if so I’m curious what approach you are currently using. Congrats again!

How many downloads you had in that account?


I’d like to see your apps too.

Also, you said one of our best accounts… do you have more than one account? Would you mind sharing why?


I am waiting for it too…:smiley:

please dont share ur app link with anyone for ur own sake. And guys please make ur own story and stop searching for another man’s glory.

If you get one account banned, you don’t lose everything.

How effective is this? I always read here in this forums people complaining that Google banned their new accounts because they’ve being banned previously from Google.

I saw people that said they have used new name, new credit card, and so on and even so Google discovered them and they got banned again

then develop a new app and earns revenue with that