If you could talk to your gamers, what would you say?

My team of 4 is working on a technology to harness the power of voice prompts to help gamers learn your game, try features and be aware of virtual goods. You don’t have to disrupt gameplay to get tell your gamer something.

We also produce the audio prompts, so you don’t need to spend time scheduling voice talent etc. (in fact we have the same guys who created 600+ songs for guitar hero producing the voice prompts)

We’d really like to speak with game developers like you to understand what you’d like to say to your gamers and how that would help the success of your games.

Here is a demo of how what the user experience is:

Our library has a simple API, basically just play(“inapp”, {“level”: 1}) or play(“tip”, {“level”: 1}) we’ll duck the game audio and plays the appropriate audio tip. The audio campaigns are all manageable through a dashboard, that lets you set frequency, interval, impression caps etc. and view which prompts are resulting to most in-app purchase sales.

Its free. Right now we are interested in getting your feedback and testing this technology out. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to message me or email me at [email protected]

“Who the hell wants to hear actors talk” said by Harry Warner (Warner Brothers)

Looks pretty good. I think your ad network is excellent for in-app purchases. After all, everyone remembers the voice of DUKE NUKEM…

Good luck guys.

OK, so how does it work from a developer point of view. Let’s say I want to add some audio tips to one of my games (purely speculatory for know, I’m just starting working on a game where it would fit) - how I begin, how much it will cost me, and how the sound will be added to the game (is it streaming online or can I to download it and add to resources myself)? Can I choose from different voices?

Androider, the Duke Nukem voice is something we’re working on right now, as per your suggestion. I played that game for years when I was young but didn’t realize how well-known it is.

Magnesus, thanks for your interest. As a developer, it will cost you nothing. You (or we) integrate our SDK, customize libraries and code to your game with simple changes, and then it’s ready to go. We record whatever type of voice you want.


So where is the catch? How do you get money? Are there voice ads added too or sth? Or maybe its free for beta testers until it’s open?


It’s completely free for beta testers until both us and tester developers start seeing consistent results. Our long term plan is to take a commission on in-app purchases that we drive through audio. No voice ads whatsoever.