If you could change one thing in the app industry, what would it be?

Hi everyone. This is my first ‘proper’ post here. The reason for this post, however, is because I’m currently doing some research for a new platform I’m helping out with and was hoping you might be able to answer a quick question for me:

What do you see as the biggest problem facing the app world today?

Is it something to do with the app stores? Distribution, discovering new apps, or something else?

I’d love to open a discussion about this and explore where you see things going in the near future

All the best!
appto.us | Pilot

Insecurity. Mostly caused by Google “ban for live” policy on both the Google Play and in AdMob. Other stores, ad networks and systems are much better in this regard, but Google Play and adMob are the biggest right now to the point of monopoly, so it’s hard to make a living without them. This is a huge problem when one lives from developing apps.

No account ban for x number of app bans in Google play