Idle with rich gameplay. Taptap heroes is the best choice!

Taptap heroes is a casual, strategic idle RPG mobile game, where players will be in the world of Mystia with the global players, upgrade heroes and create their own hero team. Easy idle gameplay does not need you to play all day and force you to speed money to get strong, which makes the game truly entertained rather than a burden.

Idle with rich gameplay.

As a casual idle mobile game, Taptap heroes is very rich in gameplay. With the regular idling mode, players can acquire equipment and upgrade levels. As the player level increases, the game will unlock guild, arena, expedition, planet trials, etc. Whether upgrading material acquisition or fighting with other players, or participating in the guild construction and growing up with friends from all over the world, players can meet different needs and experience loads of fun.

The most important thing is that all this does not require the players to “spend tons of money.” One of the characteristics of the idle game is that even if you are offline, you can still receive experience and equipment. Players only need to open the game in their free time to collect offline idle loots to get a variety of resource materials. They can enjoy the game freely! At the same time, all the resources in the game can be obtained through normal game play, and it is not necessary to speed money but players can freely enjoy the game fun rather than a burden!

Meticulous combat power improvement

In Taptap heroes, players don’t need much operation. What they really need to think about is how to build the strongest team. The rich character growth system requires players to “pay attention” on how to maximally cultivate the heroes they really need instead of wasting resources.

In addition to the hero itself, there are many ways players can increase their combat power, such as the improvement of the overall attributes of Aura and the wonderful chemical reactions of various hero combinations. A reasonable lineup should have tank/output/heal, but in the Taptap heroes, it also allows you to develop more novel combinations, such as a violent combination with full of output, or tank and Cleric composed of the Great Wall.

Exquisite graphics, rich gameplays, and non-money spend are the charm of Taptap heroes, but its charm is not only that. If you want to enjoy pure game fun, make friends around the world, Taptap heroes will be best choice!

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