Ideas for an app to improve my skills?

So I just finished my first app this week but I’m not feeling that I learned enough from developing it,in terms of programming.I have started developing apps in my spare time outside of my development course so I can start building a portfolio and learn also.But my first app so far hasn’t really challenged me.Could you guys give me some ideas on how to add to it,or even better some app ideas to work on.I’m thinking the following topics would be beneficial to include,to improve my skills:

1.Incorporating data structures

2.Using some database technology(I’ve just finished an module so maybe this will help)


Any other technologies I should include or maybe some ideas for an app that would incorporate all or some of these and improve my coding skills?:smiley:


Try to make apps with new trends and technologies like location manager and social media and so on. I feel that will improve your tech and code skills

Yes, definitely get familiar with the location manager(Google Maps) and incorporating Facebook, Twitter, etc. into your app. Also multi-threading and database(SQLite) management. Questions about these topics have been asked on just about every Android job interview that I have had.

Try to make new things automatically generate new ideas and thoughts…

I’m not sure what do you already know so I’m just shooting in the dark here.
For me, it was extremely useful to learn about SQLite, Loaders, and ContentProvider.

The short answer is simple ‘‘write more code’’. My own immediate response to an answer like would probably be something like. How do you grow in something where you feel you need improvement.