Making Money with Android

Idea to boost Grossing Rank?

I was just thinking, what’s the best way to boost grossing ranking? If it goes higher means will get more attention? I am not sure. If this is true, can’t we just exchange in-app purchase or paid games? I know it also means that we will lose 30% (means you get 0.55 for 0.99 purchased), but isn’t this better than ads for download where it never will boost grossing ranking?

Share your thoughts if this works. Thanks.

I dont think In App Purchase has anything to do with your ranking. Downloads and reviews make your app get a better rank. And if your app is free (with ads) that means you will get more downloads faster.

I think he means the top grossing list. You know, the more you earn, the higher you’ll be in that list.

Oh, I didnt really get what he meant. If you want to roll the most money just implement IAP to remove ads and to buy in-app items. You get the best of 3 worlds.

Thanks for your reply. I have been searching for guide to implement in-app, so far the guide from google is complicated. If you know any site with step-by-step guide, please let me know. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Apps from top earnings (first 20-30) are making even 1 mln /day, if you want to spend 100k-200k$ you can try :smiley:

I believe that exchange reviews fire paid apps could be good investment. Does anyone knows if it’s possible somewhere?