idea - radio show for this site

I have way too much audio gear just going to waste at my house. I think it would be a great idea to have a radio show type podcast for this site. We could have people Skype in and talk about the many things we just post back and forth with. I would sort of moderate it and give people time to bring up issues and talk about app development.

Admins let me know if this is something you think would be cool. I personally would have a great time doing it.

Btw I have been an audio engineer and sound guy for a very long time. It would be very professionally done.

I love that idea. let me know if I can help. I have not done any radio / presenting type work before but it would be good to get together and have an informal chat, and whilst we get to know eachother we could naturally convert it into a podcast.

This could be cool. I would be happy to take part.

Can you imagine if BillyH skyped in to chat… Idea is great though!

well everyone would have their say and or comment time. People would just have to remember that they set themselves up for a lot of bashing if they go in the wrong direction.

Hopefully one of the people designated to run the site responds or pm’s me and this could become real. Would definitely be on the weekend so as many people as possible could join in. But emails and voice recordings could be sent in as well.

Who knows we might even be able to get some of the account managers from ad groups on the line. Would be way better having a back and forth non email or forum post conversation.

I like the idea, and I think it’ll work if executed well. But someone needs to take a strong lead on something like this :slight_smile:

i like the idea. we should create a section in this to have live chat and where members can conversate to each other

This is a great idea. David must consider this to be the part of this forum and this will take it to another level.

It’s cool idea!I will take part with pleasure:p