iCallYou - Making a difference - Remind Your Friend(s)

Imagine that you hold a morning run, and you must give everyone a call in the busy morning. You may feel worried and sleepless at night. iCallYou provides a fast and convenient way to schedule “Phone Call” to your friends simultaneously.

Unlike the other communication tools using chat window, you can make “ONE” phone call to remind or broadcast information to all of your friends. When the time comes, all of them will receive your “PHONE Call” at the same time.
Meanwhile, your friend(s) can easily call you back by simply click “call back” button.
You just need to setup the morning call time and record your voice message. The next early morning, your friends will pick up a call from you. You would not worry about waking up late anymore
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Sometimes you hold event using line App, maybe it will happen…
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iCallYou App
download from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=byappy.icallyou